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Insight Standing Signage / Kiosk IN-SK55N

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Size : 55″
Resolution : 4K
Brightness : 500 nits
Operation Time : 16/7
OS : Android
Setup Dimension :
Touch : Yes

Introducing the Insight IN-SK55N Standing Signage/Kiosk!

Are you looking for a reliable and eye-catching solution to showcase your content or advertisements? Look no further than the Insight IN-SK55N Standing Signage/Kiosk! With its impressive features and sleek design, this standing signage/kiosk is the perfect addition to any business or organization.

Let’s take a closer look at what sets the Insight IN-SK55N apart from the competition:

Stunning 4K Display: Experience crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colors with the IN-SK55N’s 4K display. Your content will come to life, capturing the attention of anyone passing by.

High Brightness: With a brightness level of 500 Nit, the IN-SK55N ensures that your content remains visible even in brightly lit environments. Say goodbye to washed-out displays and hello to vivid visibility.

Durable Tempered Glass: We understand that accidents happen, which is why we’ve equipped the IN-SK55N with tempered glass. This not only adds an extra layer of protection but also ensures that your signage/kiosk remains intact for years to come.

Reliable Performance: Designed for 16/7 operation, the IN-SK55N is built to withstand the demands of continuous use. Whether it’s a bustling retail store or a busy office lobby, this signage/kiosk is up for the task.

Seamless Connectivity: With built-in Wi-Fi, the IN-SK55N allows for easy content updates and remote management. Update your messages or promotions hassle-free from any device, ensuring your content is always up to date.

User-Friendly Android OS: The IN-SK55N comes with an Android operating system, providing a familiar interface that is easy to navigate. Effortlessly install and run your preferred applications, making content management a breeze.

Sturdy Construction: The IN-SK55N features a galvanized 1.2mm casing material, ensuring its durability and longevity. The powder coating finishing adds a sleek touch, creating a sophisticated and modern look.

Convenient Maintenance: Say goodbye to complicated maintenance procedures. The push-lock button makes it easy to access and maintain the internals of the IN-SK55N, saving you time and effort.

Portable and Secure: Thanks to its four wheels, two of which come with stoppers, the IN-SK55N can be easily moved to different locations within your space. Rest assured, once in place, it will remain steady and secure.

Customizable Options: The IN-SK55N comes in both black and white, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your branding or environment. Make a statement with a signage/kiosk that matches your style.

Rest assured, the Insight IN-SK55N Standing Signage/Kiosk comes with a two-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Upgrade your advertising game and captivate your audience with the Insight IN-SK55N. Experience the power of visual communication like never before. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this incredible standing signage/kiosk and how it can elevate your business!



500 Nit,
tempered glass,
OS: Android,
Casing Material: Galvanis 1.2mm,
Finishing : Powder Coating,
Maintenance : Push Lock Button,
Wheels : 4 units (2 with stoper),
Color: Black/White – Optional
Garansi : 2 tahun.

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3840 x 2160, 4K


500 nits

Operation Time






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