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Insight Standing Signage / Kiosk IN-DA22T (Mesin Antrian)

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Discontinued Product

Size : 22″
Resolution : FHD
Brightness :
Operation Time : 16/7
OS : Windows
Setup Dimension :
Touch : Yes

Introducing the Insight IN-DA22T Standing Signage / Kiosk, Transforming Queue Management Experience.

Are you tired of long waiting lines and frustrated customers? Say goodbye to manual queue management and welcome the Insight IN-DA22T Standing Signage / Kiosk, the ultimate solution to streamline your customer service process. This innovative machine combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design, providing an unmatched experience for both businesses and customers.

Here’s why the Insight IN-DA22T is the perfect choice for your queue management needs:

Impressive Display: With a 22″ touch screen and Full HD resolution, the Insight IN-DA22T offers crystal-clear visuals that captivate customers. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for users of all ages.

Powerful Performance: Powered by an i5 CPU and equipped with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, this machine delivers lightning-fast performance. Say goodbye to lagging systems and hello to efficient queue management.

Windows OS: The Insight IN-DA22T runs on the reliable Windows operating system, providing a familiar interface that users are comfortable with. This ensures a hassle-free experience for both customers and staff.

Seamless Printing: Featuring a thermal auto-cut printer, the Insight IN-DA22T allows for quick and efficient ticket printing. Bid farewell to manual ticket distribution and let this machine handle it all, saving you time and effort.

Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from high-quality iron plate material and finished with a powder coating, the Insight IN-DA22T is built to withstand the test of time. Its robust construction ensures longevity, making it a wise investment for your business.

Easy Mobility: Equipped with wheels and stoppers, the Insight IN-DA22T can be easily moved around your premises to accommodate changing needs. Whether you need to relocate it or optimize the layout of your space, this machine offers unparalleled flexibility.

The Insight IN-DA22T Standing Signage / Kiosk is the future of queue management, offering a seamless and efficient experience for both businesses and customers. With its impressive display, powerful performance, and durable construction, this machine is guaranteed to enhance your customer service process.

Don’t let long waiting lines tarnish your business’s reputation. Upgrade to the Insight IN-DA22T Standing Signage / Kiosk today and take control of your queue management like never before. Contact us now to learn more and revolutionize your customer service experience.

Mesin Antrian.
Ukuran layar : 22″,
touch screen,
resolusi FHD,
OS : Windows,
CPU : i5,
SSD 256GB,
Printer : thermal auto-cut,
Material : besi plat,
Finishing : powder coating,
dilengkapi roda dan stopper.

Garansi : 2 Tahun

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1920 x 1080

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