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AUDAC Design column speaker 24 x 2″ Kyra24

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Multi-functional wall bracket allowing swiveling and down-tilting
Slimline aluminum design
24 x 2″ high-quality broadband speakers
4 Ohm

The KYRA24 design column speaker consists of 24 x 2” high-quality aluminum cone full-range drivers, delivering extraordinary clarity and detailed sound. The overall continuous power handling reaches 240 Watt and the beamwidth of 174° x 7° (-6 dB avg 1 kHz – 4 kHz)* makes it the perfect match for acoustically difficult venues, reducing echo and microphone feedback which optimizes the speech intelligibility in reverberant venues.

The overall impedance of the speaker measures 4Ω, allowing it to be implemented in any low impedance audio system.

*Given dispersion values are the average beamwidth within the 1 kHz – 4 kHz frequency range (-6 dB – 1/3 oct), which are critical for the speech intelligibility in the main application field of these loudspeakers.