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Marani MIR 2 IN 6 OUT Professional Audio Processor MIR260A

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Input impedance <10k Ohm balanced
Output impedance <100R Impedance balanced
A/D dynamic range 118dB
D/A dynamic range 118dB
Maximum input level +20dBu
Maximum output level +18dBu
Total harmonic distortion ≦0.003%(+4dBu 1kHz)
Frequency response 20Hz~40kHz
Crosstalk ≦-95dB
Signal to noise ratio ≧113dB (A weighting)
Noise floor ≦-94dBu (A weighting)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 60dB
Number of analog input channels 2
Number of analog output channels 6
Rs485 control port 2
Network control port 1

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MIR260A is a digital audio processor newly designed by Marani. It has extremely low noise floor, high dynamic range and powerful internal DSP to cover most of the usage scenarios. Whether in meeting rooms , theaters , touring performances, or even large-scale tours, you can use the A series processors. Advanced circuit design and original DSP algorithm are the core of pure and high-quality sound.
In the signal processing part of MIR260A, inside powerful MARANI DSP, DSP and AD/DA converters are running at 96KHz sampling rate, complete processing functions provide a complete speaker crossover solution.
From input gain/delay/noise gate/EQ/compression/FIR ,tooutputgain/delay/polarity/frequency division/FIR/EQ/compression/compression, there are up to 16 types of parametric equalizer (PEQ) The filter type can be selected. The output crossover filter has the classic Linkwitz-Riley /Bessel/Butterworth, and there are also NXF horntype filters and FIR filters with a slope of up to 120dB per octave. The newly added MIR linear phase frequency divider filter can make the phase of the crossover point easier to join and produce a lower delay. Everything we provide is for better sound.
Added DSP plug-in, providing 96kHz FIR filter/highorder signal generator/RTA real-time spectrum analyzer, etc.
The newly designed Hard Limiter (Hard Limiter) allows a constant rate limit on signals exceeding the threshold at any threshold to better protect the speaker unit.
Each input and output channel provides a maximum 512-tap FIR filter, which can be customized by third-partysoftwaretogeneratetheFIR convolution you need. It can be used for speaker presets to improve the phase response and control the directivity according to requirements.
The newly added MIR linear phase divider filter has the filter shape of the traditional IIR filter (Linkwitz-Riley 24+48/oct), but does not produce any phase shift, and the resulting delay is about 50% of the FIR filter.



1. The machine runs at 96KHz sampling rate, the frequency response remains flat at 20-40Khz, the background noise is as low as -94dBu, and the maximum input level reaches +20dBu.
2. Full matrix mixing, any input channel can be sent to the output channel, and even several non-adjacent output channels can be superimposed and mixed to the physical output.
3. Each input and output channel is equipped with an RMS compressor, which can control the signal dynamics on the input channel or use it to shape the sound intensity. The newly designed extremely low distortion peak limiter can prevent sudden large dynamic signals from damaging the speaker unit and effectively guarantee the safety of the system.
4. Each channel is equipped with FIR filter up to 1024 Taps.
5. New MIR linear phase crossover filter: MIR linear phase filter is a new X-over filter, which has the shape of a classic filter (LR24/48) without any phase distortion and keeps the phase curve flat straight.
6. The machine is equipped with a standard network port, which can be directly connected to a PC through a network cable. The default DHCP automatically obtains an IP address and completes all connections with one click.
7. The new marshalling setting can control 32 processors at the same time, and can control gain, mute, PEQ and polarity uniformly, which increases the convenience of multi-machine debugging. 8. The input channel is equipped with a dynamic loudness booster, which can effectively enhance the sense of hearing.
9. Add plug-in, including 96kHz FIR filter with extended bandwidth, high-order signal generator and RTA spectrum analysis.