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Insight Video Prosesor Pro Series IN-VP0808M/IS

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Discontinued Product

Chasis Size : 2U
Input Channel : 8 HDMI
Output Channel : 8 HDMI

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  • Pure-hardware FPGA Array, modular design, parallel video processing hardware systems.
  • Hot-swappable for I/O modules, control modules, easy to upgrade and maintenance.
  • DVI, HDMI input and output.
  • Opening 2/4 windows on each one screen.
  • Up to 4 video wall groups control on single controller and work with variety of display terminals such as LCD, DLP, projector.
  • Multiple controlling device, can control by both web control and PC software, support roaming, overlay, zoom in/out, multi-window switching.
  • Input source previewing and video wall content monitoring.
  • Scene management, including save, switch, recall, recycle, Maximum support 128 scenes.
  • Variety of control methods such as RS232, Network and compatible with third party control system.
  • Multi-user control management, software can be set through the operation authority, according to the authority level to develop different operating functions, different levels, different operating privileges, and can be set at any output authority range.
  • Supports window opening pre-layout, which does not affect the display of the splicing screen.
  • Scrolling text to show news, notifications, or slogan, scroll speed and direction can be selected.
  • Support background image and redundant power supply on 3U/6U/12U chassis.
  • Picture-in-picture, signal clip and a variety of display modes such as split screen, full screen and combination screen.
  • EDID, customize the output resolution according to the physical resolution of the display system.
  • Each input source can support 4 cropping methods.