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Hisense Wireless Screen Transmission HT002A

June 15, 2023Product type: .Product categories: and .Product tags: , , and .

Additional wireless dongle for Hisense Interactive Digital Board with USB-A connector.

The HT002A wireless screen transmission dongle connects to the USB port of a device and transmits the on-screen content to the Digital Whiteboard for everyone to see. Connect it to your device and with a single button press, the content will be instantly displayed on the whiteboard through fast and stable streaming (iOS / Android / Windows / Mac supported).

Hisense Wireless Screen Transmission HT002A, solusi praktis untuk meningkatkan konektivitas dan mempermudah presentasi Anda.

Hadirkan kemudahan konektivitas dengan Hisense Wireless Screen Transmission HT002A. Dengan fitur One Click Connect, Anda dapat dengan mudah menghubungkan perangkat Anda hanya dengan menekan satu tombol, dan mentransmisikan konten layar langsung ke papan tulis digital.

Nikmati streaming yang cepat dan stabil dengan Hisense Wireless Screen Transmission HT002A. Konten layar dapat ditampilkan dengan mudah tanpa gangguan ke papan tulis melalui streaming yang cepat dan stabil. Dukungan untuk IOS / Android / Windows dan Mac juga tersedia.

One Click Connect
Easily connect to your device with a single button press, transmitting to the on-screen content to the digital whiteboard

Fast and Stable Streaming
The HTOO2A Wireless Screen Transmission displays content to your whiteboard easily through fast and stable streaming without any interruptions, supporting IOS / Android / Windows and Mac

Color: White
Logo: Hisense
Connect Number: 1 received device (same time)
Button: 1
Port: USB2.0 A type
Working Voltage: 5V
Video Resolution: FHD 60Hz
Transmission Distance: 15m
Main: IC RK3036
Plug and Play: Support

WiFi Module: NA
Indicator Light: 1. Blinking when connecting, 2.White color when using
Certification: CE/CB
Hot Plug: Support
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +45°C
Working Humidity: ≤95%

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