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DigiBird Hardware-Based 4K Controller VWC2-HPro Series DB-VWC2-HP-FR3K

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Chassis Size: 3U
Input cards: 6
Output cards: 2
Control Card (Default + Redundant): 1+0
CMC*: 1
PSU (Default + Redundant): 1+0
Power: 40W
Net Weight: 8.2Kg
Shipping Weight: 10.5 kg
Net Dimensions (LDH): 440 x 325 x 133 mm
Shipping Dimensions (LDH): 570 x 470 x 290 mm

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To fulfill growing demand of UHD visual experience, DigiBird launched HPro series controller to deliver 4K/60Hz performance at 4:4:4. Same as other models, HPro is hardware-based controller as well without compromising reliability. Supports embedded audio and capacity to work as centralized controller make it outstanding within the industry.

4K 60Hz
– PIP & Overlay
– Live Preview




Genuine 4K60 Experience
4k 60Hz processing at 4:4:4 to deliver 4K experience without any compromising.

Live Preview
With tailored GUI, DigiBird App and web-client allows operator to view the input source and video wall display in real time, and manage display through simple drag-and-drop operation.

Compatible with CCTV
Supports arbitrary layering, zooming in/out, stretching and picture in picture Compatible with IPC camera to display stream directly to video wall.

Dual Control Cards
Auto switching backup, keep operating without any interruption. Keep running the current preset even both cards breaking down or swapped out.

Specified User Access
Administrator is capable to authorize certain users specific access for video wall management,
i.e. specific input, display area and functions, etc.

Audio Does Matter
HPro support embedded and de-embedded audio management. User is able to switch audio input and output, turn up/down volume and manage audio preset.

Status Monitoring
Real-time status monitoring: hardware info, firmware info, temperature, operating info and auto-adjusted fan speed, etc.
– Multiple VW Groups
– Background Image
– Active & Negative 3D
– Scrolling Text




RS232: D9 Female Connector
IP: TCP/IP, RJ45 connector

Background Image
Image size: Up to 8K, 128M
Image type: JPEG, BMP

Video Processing
Pure Hardware Structure, no OS inside: Yes
Parallel Processing Architecture: Yes
Digital Sampling: 24bits, 8 bits per color
Colors: 8 bit processing, 4:4:4
Resolution: Up to 4k input (3840*2160@60) and 4k output (3840*2160@60)
Data Rate: 20Gbps per input slot, 80Gbps per output slot

Operating Temperature: 0° to +40° C
Storage Temperature: -10° to 70° C
Operating Humidity: 10% to 85%, Non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 10% to 90%, Non-condensing
MTBF: 100.000 hrs

1. Control Card: all chassises are populated with 1x default control card, redundant control card is optional for purchase.
2. PSU: All chassises are populated with 1x default PSU, redundant PSU is optional for purchase, 3U chassis not support redundant.
3. CMC: means Confidence Monitoring Card, serves to monitor up to 4x video wall display via local monitor.

Additional information

Net Weight


Setup Dimension

440 x 325 x 133 mm